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How to Create and Maintain a Successful Campaign

Want to make the most out of your campaign? Check out these steps to ensure a fun, easy and successful Tee Originals campaign.

1. Find what inspires you.

Think about where your passion comes from. What would you want to make a shirt for? It could be a cancer charity, mental health awareness, a youth soccer league, the chance to let your artwork be seen. The possibilities are endless for what you can create custom shirts for. If you’re needing that extra little bit of inspiration, take a look at the Tee Originals Pinterest page. Here, you can find images of past and present campaigns, screen printing techniques and you can browse our art library before visiting the website.

Images of shirts from Tee Originals' Black Light Run campaign

2. Let your creativity flow.

The Tee Originals web design tool allows creating t-shirts to be a fun and pain-free process for campaign managers. With our tool, you get the option to choose from our wide array of shirts, whether you want a hoodie, a performance tee or a tank top. All of our shirts are available in a multitude of color options. We have an impressive art library with an endless supply of designs. You can even change the color of a design with our web tool. Do you have a design you’ve already made? You can easily upload it to your shirt. Lastly, if there’s a special finish that you would like for your shirt (i.e. distress, glitter or foil), be sure to add that into our special request box on the right-hand side of the design tool. Our special finishes are what make your shirt your masterpiece.

McKinistry campaign from Tee Originals for Hood 2 Coast

3. Set your campaign goals.

You will be prompted to a campaign goals screen once you’re finished with your design. On this page you can set your price, how many shirts you wish to sell and the campaign length. The more you charge for your shirts, the more you will profit. There’s a drop down menu where you can add additional shirts if, for example, you create a women’s shirt, but want to make the design available for men and children.

4. Promote! Promote! Promote!

Here is the part where you push people to your campaign. Email the link to your campaign with friends and family. Post the campaign on your personal social media or any of your relevant Facebook pages. This is what turns a campaign manager into a profiteer. Look for social media groups, perhaps on Facebook or LinkedIn, that relate to what your campaign is about. You can reach out to a whole new audience this way. Keep spreading the word about your campaign until you have reached your goal.

Picture of counselors from Camp Providence wearing their Tee Originals campaign shirts

5. Thank you. Come again.

Congratulations! You’ve reached your campaign goal! Tee Originals has begun printing, packing and shipping your campaign shirts to each contributor. Now you’re going to receive the campaign profits, or we will send the campaign profits to your specified cause.

We invite you to come back periodically to create a new campaign. By doing this, you will create a following of customers that not only like your shirts, but share the same passion for your cause. There may even be a possibility of Tee Originals will partnering with your campaign.