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Who Are We and How Did We Get Here?

You may have seen an ad from us, but how well do you know Tee Originals?

The folks at Tee Originals have been in the textiles and screen printing industry for over 35-years. Our founder Michael Beckman lifted off his professional career printing textiles for all the major fashion and athletic brands around the world. He has won multiple awards for his various screen printing techniques.

We decided to start this business with one goal: crowd funding custom apparel. We have the socially responsible focus of giving back to communities, charities, local teams, schools and non-profits. While Tee Originals encourages entrepreneurship ventures from independent artists and designers, we really wanted to create a fun platform for raising funds for worthwhile causes of all types.

Throughout our inaugural year, we hope to sponsor campaigns and help raise money, not only by being a source where campaign managers can launch their own fundraising efforts, but also being a beacon that will give back to these campaigns in need. We want to showcase why Tee Originals is a leader in the screen printing industry and in fundraising.

In closing, we hope that you have taken the time to explore our site. We offer many different apparel options, colors, designs and special features that the competition doesn’t even begin to touch. Stay connected to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to view art library updates, our famous textile options and information on new items and campaigns.

We are apparel industry folks looking to help others, not corporate or technology people looking to be the next billion dollar company showcased in the financial magazines.