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Pope Malarkey’s Iowish Whiskey T-Shirt

About This Campaign

One fine day, while The First Irish Pope, His Hooleyness, Pope Malarkey I was on his way to a celebration, he came across a small group of Leprechauns and their tiny whiskey still. Well, after a lively chase, Pope Malarkey collared the leader of the merry band. The Leprechaun offered up his pot-o-gold but, having taken a vow of poverty (his ex wife made sure of that), the Pope couldn’t accept the gold. But, they were finally able to reach an agreement. The Leprechauns would distill whiskey for Pope Malarkey to use at communion service. Any extra income would go to support the Iowish Orphan Academy, where they cared for the wee ones, and taught them how to Riverdance.
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“Pope Malarkey I’s Iowish Whiskey” shirt.
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