-Who can start a Tee Originals Campaign?
Anyone can become a Campaign Manager for Tee Originals.  Our campaigns are easy, fun, and simple to launch!

-Who can I raise money for?
Tee Originals is here to help you launch your own apparel line or to help you raise money for a nonprofit organization, a charity, your school or an individual (yourself or a family member or friend), a group, team, organization association or project.

-What happens if I don’t reach my sales goal?
If you don’t reach your minimum goal but you still make a profit we will print and ship the shirts you have sold at the end of the campaign. However, you will need to sell a minimum of 20 shirts by the end of the campaign.

-What happens if I don’t reach this minimum?
After three weeks the campaign will end and you will be sent an email notification.  We will not charge your supporters.

-How much does it cost to run a Tee Originals Campaign?
There is absolutely no charge to run a campaign!

-How will I receive my funds?
As you set up your campaign you can choose your preferred method of payment.  Your funds are sent when your successful campaign closes and are generally received within two weeks depending upon your disbursement method.

-How can I get assistance?
We have a team of professionals available to help you. Please visit our contact us page.

-How do I help my campaign succeed?
The key is to share your campaign with your network of friends, supporters, and associates.  Ask for support through email and through your social networking sites.  Tell your story to as many different people as you can and ask that they pass it along!  Add videos, photos, and links to your campaign page.  We will email you a series of tips to help market your campaign if you have trouble reaching your goal.

-How do I make changes after my campaign has started?
Our team will be happy to help you make changes.  However please carefully check your design before submission, as any changes will affect your supporters who have already ordered.  No changes can be accepted within the last 72 hours of a campaign.

-Who owns the design created with the Tee Originals Design Application?
Designs owned by you that are uploaded onto the teeoringinals.com site continue to be owned by you.  Designs or portions of designs created on Tee Originals belong to Tee Originals LLC. You are not permitted to use our site to design product not sold by Tee Originals.

-How should I price my shirt?
Prices are usually between $15.00 and $20.00 for a tee shirt and approximately $35.00 for Fleece.

-How do I set my sales goal?
Most of our Campaign Managers make a list of their connections and divide by 10 as a starting point.

-How long should I run my campaign?
Our maximum is three weeks.  We would recommend running your campaign for about 2 weeks as this allows enough time to reach your goal but does not delay product reaching your supporters.  If you need shirts by a particular event or date please allow an additional two weeks after the campaign closes for shirts and funding to reach their destination.

-How do my supporters receive their shirts?
The standard option is to ship direct to the supporters.  If they order multiple shirts it will all arrive in a single shipment.  The other option is to ship direct to one place so you can distribute the shirts yourself.

-How long does it take for my supporters to receive their shirts?
Shirts are typically delivered within two weeks from the time the campaign closes.

-How do I update my campaign profile page?
You can easily make changes or updates to your profile page, your story by logging into your campaign.