How It Works

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Our process is simple! First, start a campaign and design your shirt. Our online design application makes it fun and easy. Launch your campaign and promote your shirt. Share your story with the world. Once the campaign reaches its goal, Tee Originals will collect the funds, print, pack and ship the shirts to each contributor. And most importantly, Tee Originals will send you the campaign profits!

Anyone can start a campaign

Step One: Pick your apparel. Choose from our extensive list of apparel and pick your colors and styles. You have dozens of options and you have the ability to pick multiple garments, colors, and styles!  We work with responsible apparel partners around the world.

Step Two: Create your own original design using our easy to use design application. Combine as many elements as you need. Or you can simply upload your own art file and add elements as needed. Scale and move any part of your design, adjust the layers, and pick from our extensive color selection tool. There is never any worry because every order will receive a free professional review. Not a designer? Our staff of talented graphic artists is here to help at no cost to you.

Step Three: Create your profile page. Share the story of your cause, group, team, loved one, or project with the world. Design your own apparel line and get the word out.  Add information about your charity, event, or your designs. Use your website, your social media, family, contacts and community to spread the word.  Direct them to your profile page and to your campaign so they can order your shirts. Add life to your campaign with your story, images and video. Why would anyone buy a big box, branded tee, when they can buy one that is as individual as they are and support a worthy cause at the same time? Contact us for assistance in marketing your campaign. Add pictures or videos telling your customers what you are about. Start your campaign and share the word!

Step Four: Track your progress and keep promoting your product!

Step Five: Reach your goal, or sell just 20 total shirts across the entire campaign, and we fulfill your order, print your shirts, ship to you or your customers and send you the funds. It’s a simple as that! Your supporters can expect their shirts to arrive within two weeks after the end of the campaign.

Don’t have the time to run a campaign and already have the funding? We also offer you the opportunity to order your own custom shirts and we pass the cost savings on to you. Because you are not waiting on the campaign to end, we start printing immediately for a quicker delivery and give you a 15% discount on the order! We ship the order directly to you. Contact us for help with this option.